Personalised Prevention and Treatment of Inflammatory and Tissue Hypoxic Pathologies

  • Tissue oxygen level declines with age.
  • In many diseases it reduces even further.
  • Reduced level of tissue oxygen supply, leading to tissue hypoxia even on a subclinical level, is a result of inflammatory damage.

Lycotec has developed a range of nutraceutical, nutra-pharmaceutical and functional food products to support and improve tissue oxygenation not only in ageing but in many pathological conditions.

Different people, due to differences in their metabolism, respond differently to the same types of medical interventions.

To personalise applications and hence maximise efficacy of its products, Lycotec has developed a panel of diagnostic tests, which can provide information on the therapeutic target responses.

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Lycotec diagnostic blood tests

Diagnostic Parameter Interpretation Applications Analytical test format

Health assessment

Pathology diagnostic Clinical lab* Point of care**
Plasma oxygen Tissue oxygen supply Tissue oxygenation Tissue hypoxia yes yes
LDL oxidizing abzymes Trigger of inflammatory damage no Atherogenic process is active yes no
Immuno-globulin fragments Inefficiency in clearing infections or damaged tissue no Cause of auto-immune or persistent infection inflammatory damage yes no
Resistance to inflammatory oxidation Susceptibility to oxidative damage Anti-oxidative reserve Activity of inflammatory damage yes no

* venous blood, ** capillary blood



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