Lycotec is a leading company specialising in the development of diagnostic-based nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and functional food products to support and treat cellular respiration and tissue oxygenation.

The 10th International Space Station, ISS, Research and Development Conference is taking place virtually from 16-18 August and is hosted by the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space, manager of the ISS U.S. National Laboratory; NASA; and the American Astronautical Society

Dr Ivan Petyaev, the founder of Lycotec, will present his proposal for an ISS study on the “Effect of Spaceflight on Peripheral Tissue Oxygenation in the Human Body”. This project is the only one selected from the UK and Europe in the field of Human Health in Space.

It is known that space flights cause significant challenges and risks to human health. One of the key parameters affecting body metabolic and physiological activity is the level of oxygen supply to peripheral tissues. Its disruption may lead to the development of tissue hypoxia, which, even on a sub-clinical level, can result in impairment or in decline of certain body functions.

Since there is no knowledge about the possible effects of spaceflight and its environment on peripheral tissue oxygen supply, Lycotec is proposing a study to assess and monitor this parameter in crew members of the ISS before, during and after their space expeditions.

If changes in reduction in this parameter of ISS crew members should be observed, and their analysis provide a link with possible negative changes in their physiological parameters, this would provide a basis for new interventional studies to provide support for, and boost of, tissue oxygenation in space.

For this purpose safe, already developed nutraceutical products could be used, which have been clinically validated in different tissue hypoxia terrestrial conditions.

These nutraceuticals have been produced and will be brought to the market by Lycotec’s partner Cambridge Diagnostic Imaging, CaDi