Lycotec proprietary formulas


for nutraceuticals and functional food fortification validated in clinic for:

Elite Performance

  • nitric oxide stimulation
  • anti-hypoxia (oxygen delivery)
  • resveratrol for muscle endurance (clinical trial not completed)

Cardio and Cerebro-vascular

  • blood cholesterol lowering
  • inhibitor of LDL oxidation
  • endothelial function and blood pressure control

Golden Age

  • improved transport and life-cycle of high carotenoids in the older population
  • anti-hypoxic and anti-ageing

Immune System and Anaemia

  • boost of haemopoietic cell production

Metabolic Syndrome and Weight Management

  • blood triglyceride lowering
  • glucose tolerance control
  • waist circumference reduction

Dermatology, Regeneration and Beauty

  • high bioavailability resveratrol
  • anthocyanin MMP-8, 9 inhibitors
  • anti-inflammatory carotenoids

Gastro-Intestinal Health

  • inflammation control of the GI tract



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