A range of pioneering Functional Milk products based on a proprietary process of incorporation of Lycobiotic TM, a patented new class of prebiotic molecules, into dairy lipid droplets.


Beauty and Skin Health Support Milk

Clinical validation of LycobioticTM has demonstrated its ability to stimulate the population of probiotic bacteria, in particular Bifidobacteria, in the human colon. A randomised, double blind, controlled 4 week clinical trial on 30 middle-aged persons demonstrated a dose-dependent effect of daily ingestion of LycobioticTM on the increase of Bifidobacteria adolescentisin participant stool samples. These changes in the gut were accompanied by a dose-dependant improvement in the viscosity of sebum, which prevents skin from dehydration, a reduction in the damage and rate of corneocyte desquamation and restoration of skin microbiota  control.

Milk for the Gut Health

This milk contains not only LycobioticTM, which targets Bifidobacteria, but also dark chocolate polyphenols, which stimulate the growth of another probiotic in the gut, Lactobacilli.

Anti-Ageing Energy SIRT Milk

In the LycobioticTM trial above, changes in the gut Bifidobacteriawere accompanied by a dose-dependant reversal of age-associated sub-clinical hypoxia in skeletal muscles, stimulating their mitochondria respiration, which resulted in an increase in tissue oxygen saturation.

Why choose us

This anti-ageing effect of LycobioticTM is synergistically boosted by incorporation of Lycotec proprietary extract of coffee beans, which together with energy stimulating caffeine, has a high concentration of SIRT stimulating anti-ageing polyphenols.



Incorporation of LycobioticTM into dairy lipid droplets is a proprietary process, which is relatively simple, does not require specific food-processing machinery, is easy to scale up and has low cost.  Sensory studies of the functional milks revealed high consumer acceptance due to the taste-free properties of LycobioticTM and already well established chocolate and coffee flavours.

LycobioticTM, dark chocolate polyphenols and our coffee bean extract are thermo-resistant and retain their properties after pasteurisation, cooking or boiling.



LycobioticTM, dark chocolate and coffee bean polyphenols are safe for humans and do not need to have approval as a Novel Food. The incorporation of these ingredients into milk does not create any new chemical entities. These functional milks therefore do not need regulatory approval, and can be used worldwide as they are, or as a part of other food and beverage products.

EFSA does not consider the words “beauty”, “skin support”, “anti-ageing”, “energy” as health claims. Therefore these words can be used on the packaging and for consumer information to convey the benefit of the Beauty and Anti-ageing Milk products.

Packaging for the Gut Health Milk could simply state that this product contains a combination of prebiotics targeting two major groups of gut probiotics, Bifidobacteria and Lactobacilli.

Lycotec is now looking for licensing out and new product development partnership for Lycobiotic™ based Functional Milk products and its technologies to Functional Food and Beverage industries.

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