Imperox© technology is based on exploration of newly discovered anti-inflammatory properties of some metabolites produced by Penicillium roquefortiPenicillium camembertiand some other food fungi.

One of the specific targets of these metabolites is the downstream of the inflammatory cascade – acidic oxidative damage – an event which is particularly exacerbated by lysosome release or when it occurs in the stomach environment.

This technology can:

•Identify and assess the ability of existing food products containing metabolites of these fungi to inhibit the downstream of the inflammatory cascade

•Control fermentation of Penicillium roqueforti or Penicillium camemberti or other relevant fungi to produce active bio-masses for production of anti-inflammatory products.

Why choose us

•Obtain odourless and taste free extracts or concentrated fractions with anti-inflammatory activity which can be used for:

  • fortification of food and beverage products
  • nutraceutical formulations
  • oral and topical cosmetic products

Synthesise and develop new pharmaceuticals which can be used to target acidic oxidative damage and downstream of the inflammatory cascade.

Please read:

Could cheese be the missing piece in the French paradox puzzle? – Petyaev IMBashmakov YK. (2012), Med Hypotheses. 2012 Sep 13. pii: S0306-9877(12)00385-4. doi: 0.1016/j.mehy.2012.08.018



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