Lycotec is a leading company specialising in the development of diagnostic-based treatment of inflammatory and hypoxia pathologies.

The American Heart Association Scientific Sessions is the world leading annual event for researchers, medical and healthcare professionals in science, prevention and treatment of cardiovascular pathologies.

Lycotec founder Dr Ivan Petyaev has been invited to present his discovery of the ability of new properties of lycopene to reduce the formation of cholesterol crystals and accelerate their dissolution.

This phenomenon could lead to the development of treatment of cholesterol crystals, the main culprits behind the rupture of atherosclerotic plaques, provoking arterial thrombosis, the process responsible for the development of heart attacks and ischemic strokes, the world’s leading causes of mortality.

This discovery could be particularly important for this field as, despite the development of effective therapies for cardiovascular diseases and strokes, there are no drugs available which can target and treat vulnerable atherosclerotic plaques.