The International Society of Microbiota (ISM) organizes the First ISM Symposium on Microbiota & Food, which will be held in Paris on June 14, 2018.

Functional food for the skin and microbiota rejuvenation 

”With ageing the bioavailability and transportation of some essential micro-nutrients and vitamins is impaired. This leads to their deficiency in organs and tissues. In the skin this results in changes in its physiological parameters and control of its microbiota. 

To address this issue a new range of functional food products has been developed. The results of the clinical validation of their successful ability to rejuvenate the skin and its microbiota will be presented during Microbiota & Food 2018”. Ivan Petyaev, Lycotec, United Kingdom.

Nowadays, the studies about microbiota are revolutionizing the clinical and health research. To fit with this extraordinary revolution, the agro-food industries have to prepare and initiate new ideas and new products for which the formulation will have a positive impact on human gut microbiota and by consequence on human health. The aim of Microbiota & Food 2018 is to provide some ideas and strategies to help integrate an understanding of the industry perspective with the clinical and scientific perspectives to initiate these projects.

Microbiota & Food 2018 will be divided in different strategic parts:

  • Microbiota & food: recent advances & perspectives / Modifying the microbiota through food
  • Microbiota, food industry and regulatory aspects
  • Microbiota, food and formulation: presentation of the innovations

To find out more about the event, please visit Microbiota website.