On 16th April 2018, we are pleased to announce that Dr Ivan M Petyaev, CEO and Founder of Lycotec Ltd on Day 1 of 16th Annual Food Innovate Summit, Dr Petyeav will present keynote on Functional Food for Weight Management, Skin Health and Its Rejuvenation which will cover the following areas, too; 

  • Engineering oils and fats with reduced rate of digestion – technology, clinical validation and regulatory considerations
  • Non-invasive skin assessment of nutritional status in ageing, metabolic syndrome and Its correction
  • Food for skin rejuvenation – clinical validation and regulatory considerations

16th Annual Food Innovate Summit is an exclusive opportunity to attend and hear talks from top industry experts from across the globe who will share insights into exciting new projects, hear real-life case studies from leading organisations as well as innovative new companies from the US, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

The 2018 event will take place at the RAI Amsterdam from 16th – 18th April 2018. Find out more information about the programme and timings here.