Lycotec CEO Dr Ivan Petyaev is presenting at the Second Symposium on Skin Microbiota in Paris.

The title of his lecture will be:  Reverse of skin ageing: non invasive print tests for sebum – corneocytes – microbiota.

A set of new generation of non invasive skin print tests has been developed to assess age associated changes in sebum, corneocytes and microbiota. 

Results of the successful application of these tests in clinic to assess positive and negative effects of different functional food and nutraceuticals on parameters of skin ageing will be given in the presentation.

The International Society of Microbiota will be held on June 15, 2017 at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Campus Jussieu in Paris. On June 14, one day will be dedicated to innovations in skin-ageing. The two days dedicated to skin will allow a global vision on the future of skin innovations.

The aim of Skin Microbiota 2017 will be to discuss the recent advances in skin microbiota, its characterization, its role and clinical impact. We will highlight the latest clinical studies, mechanisms and innovations related to skin microbiota.

Find out more information about the programme and timings here.