Proprietary screens to select molecules, products, ingredients with:

  • anti-inflammatory activity,
  • with ability to inhibit oxidative damage specific for the inflammatory environment,
  • anti-hypoxic properties,
  • anti-protease activity, anti-catabolic properties


Using proprietary technologies Lycotec can:

  • enhance bioavailability of selected molecules and
  • adapt the improved formulas for nutraceutical, food or beverage matrixes


Using proprietary tests to verify activity:

  • in vitro assays
  • in cell cultures
  • ex vivo on operation material and biopsies obtain from partner clinics


  • HPLC lycopene isomers and other carotenoids in different food matrixes, beverages, blood plasma, tissue biopsy
  • express proprietary quantitative trans-Resveratrol in food matrixes, wine, beverages, blood plasma

Clinical Validation

Network of laboratories and clinics in Europe, US, Russia and Middle East to:

  • develop and clinically validate new neutraceutical and functional food products
  • tailor and adapt their applications for specific ethnic groups
  • anti-hypoxic properties,
  • anti-protease activity, anti-catabolic properties