A joint Project by Lycotec, Cambridge UK, http://www.lycotec.com/Home.html and FeyeCon, Amsterdam Holland, http://www.feyecon.com was ranked 22 out of 306 eligible projects by Eurostars. This programme is co-funded by the European Communities and 33 Eureka member countries, and was established to support international collaboration between the best R&D companies in Europe.

In a recently completed round, Eurostars http://www.eurostars-eureka.eu received 2,954 project applications from 9,807 companies and organisations. The Lycotec-FeyeCon project received a score of 157 out of 200 for its basic assessment, 156 out of 200 for Technology and Innovation, and 151 out of 200 for Market and Competitiveness.

The project, called E! 7826 BBTasty, is aimed at adapting FeyeCon technology to expand the applicability of Lycopene products entering the market.

This includes a cardio-vascular, anti-ageing and beauty functional food and beverage range.

Dr Ivan Petyaev, the founder and CEO of Lycotec, said that access to FeyeCon expertise could not only lead to further diversification but also to improving the efficacy and attractiveness to consumers of Lycotec products.

Mr Nigel Kyle, the Chief Technology Officer of the company, added that this partnership would both help to upgrade and optimise technologies already developed in the company, and also to accelerate their transfer to pilot and industrial manufacturing facilities.

Dr Gerard Hofland, Chief Technology Officer at FeyeCon, stated that working with Lycotec would provide new opportunities for company technologies to help to enter a new presence and expand its existing one in the functional food, nutraceutical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical market.

Dr Hayley Every, initiator and project leader of the project, pointed out that access to Lycotec’s scientific and clinical validation expertise is essential for regulatory compliance and getting approval for new health targeting products.