Lycosome Oral Drug Delivery


Liver Targeting Delivery


clinical Phase IIa pharmacodynamic data:

  • LycoStatin – potentiated liver-targeting delivery statin with new anti-oxLDL mode of action
  • WP-Lycosome – anti-inflammatory peptide / small protein targeting liver inflammation

Both products have clinical Phase IIa pharmacodynamic data.


Cholesterol Crystal Disruption


pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic data:

  • GA-Lct-40 – targeting vulnerable atherosclerotic plaque

Proof-of-concept clinical efficacy data

  • ID-LctBP-20 – anti-hypertensive,
  • ID-LctPR-40 – anti-hypoxia for prostate hyperplasia, adjuvant cancer treatment
  • GAL – anti-infective for persistent, chronic forms of Chlamydia infection
  • T-RSV-Lycosome – diabetic foot ulcer regeneration

Monoclonal Antibody Therapy – pre-clinical


Monoclonal antibody, LycoMab, can be used as a vector to deliver and potentiate efficacy of pro-apoptotic lycopene to prostate cancer cells.

LycoStent(TM) - pre clinical


New class of molecules for prevention of restenosis of endovascular stents and vascular scaffolding.

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