Lycotec’s current technology portfolio includes:

1) LycosomeTM – for oral delivery of bioactive nutraceuticals and pharmaceuticals molecules:

2) GA technology© – to boost the transport and the life cycles of essential high carotenoids:

  • under strenuous physical demands,
  •  depleting conditions of stress and metabolic syndrome,
  • acute and chronic diseases,
  • in older ages

3) Cis-lycopene – the most powerful anti-oxidant form of lycopene:

  • technology to covert trans-lycopene into stable cis-lycopene to be used either by itself as a nutraceutical, or as an ingredient for food fortification,
  • nutraceutical and nutritional formulas for boosting conversion of trans-lycopene into its cis-isomer in human GI tract and liver,

4) Imperox© – anti-inflammatory properties of metabolites produced by Penicillium roqueforti,Penicillium camemberti and some other food fungi.
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