It is a great pleasure to announce that Lycotec CEO, Dr Ivan M Petyaev will present at the 16th ISANH Middle East Antioxidants World Congress which will be held in Dubai, UAE, from April 12 to April 14, 2016.

The aim of this international congress is to gather all stakeholders in antioxidants field and their impact on nutrition and health. Participants will majority come from Europe, Asia & Middle East to discuss about some strategic axes during ISANH Middle East 2016.

This congress will be divided in three parts dedicated to different targets:

  • Day 1 will be dedicated to Antioxidants & Oxidative Stress in health and medicine
  • Day 2 will be dedicated to Antioxidants & functional ingredients used in food & beverage industry
  • Day 3 is dedicated to Dietary Supplements in Middle East

You can see the full programme here.