New Breakthrough Technology presented at World Food Innovation Forum

Lycotec, a biotech company based in Cambridge UK, presented last month, at the 11th World Food Innovation Forum in Dublin (Ireland), their new breakthrough technology modelling a recently discovered phenomenon which could be behind the “Hispanic Paradox”.

Obesity is one of the major risk factors for the development of Hypertension, Heart Attacks and Strokes. The level of Obesity, and other risk factors of these diseases in Mexican Americans – from socio-economic and smoking to LDL level and other blood parameters – are significantly higher than in non-Hispanic whites in the US.
Despite all these risk factors the prevalence of Cardio- and Cerebrovascular Diseases in the Hispanic population and mortality rate from such diseases is significantly lower than in non-Hispanic whites. Moreover, they also live longer.
This apparent epidemiological anomaly constitutes the so-called “Hispanic Paradox”.

One of the most distinctive elements of the Mexican Diet is cooked tomatoes. Scientists in Lycotec, led by Dr Ivan Petyaev, have discovered that certain components of tomato extracts during the cooking process can cluster around health valuable molecules of other fruit and vegetables and protect them from being inactivated not only during cooking but during digestion too.

Therefore more bioactive molecules, antioxidants and vitamins can be absorbed when the meal is cooked with tomatoes or a tomato sauce.

Similar “technology” is at the core of another culinary practice for which significant cardio- and cerebrovascular health benefit has already been established, the Mediterranean Diet.

Lycopene, the red pigment of tomatoes, plays the key role in this cooking process and is the central element of a new, patented technology which models it – LycosomeTM.

This technology can boost delivery and efficacy of biologically active molecules and can be used for a new generation of composite nutraceuticals, and fortification of functional food and beverages.

The superior efficacy of LycosomeTM has been clinically validated in a number of clinical trials, the results of one of which, when efficacy of whey protein was increased by more than 100 fold, has recently been published:

Last month Lycotec signed a marketing and distribution deal for the launch this year in the US of its first range of products, with technologies based on modelling of Mexican – Mediterranean culinary practice, and which could deliver their cardiovascular and anti-aging properties in the most accepted and desired food format – chocolate.