L- tug© – lipid folding disruption technology to engineer edible oils and fats to reduce their rate of digestion

L-tug technology specifically targets animal fats, chocolate and vegetable oils overconsumption of which may result in hyper-lipidaemia, and such conditions as metabolic syndrome, obesity, diabetes and atherosclerosis.

It is based on the physiology fact that the larger diameter of the lipid particle the longer it would take to digest it. For example, by expanding the diameter of this particle by 2 fold it would increase its surface hence rate of digestion by about 4 fold.

The application of this technology does involve any chemical modifications and changes in taste of the products, only physical disruption of the lipid folding. This disruption remains even these lipids incorporated into another food or beverage matrixes, for example milk or other dairy products. They also preserve their properties even in fermented food products like yogurts.

The efficacy of lipid disruption technology in lipid management was clinically validated for a number of L-tug products including dairy butter, some vegetable oils, chocolate, and ice cream.