Coco-Lycosome technology increases bioavailability of Cocoa Epicatechins by 10 to 20 times (subject to chocolate matrix).  There are no changes in taste and texture of the chocolate and all ingredients are safe and approved for use in food.


  • Anti-ageing chocolate – to reduce markers of ageing and boost microcirculation
  • Beauty chocolate – to enhance skin “Glow” and control cellulite inflammation
  • Elite chocolate – to improve muscle oxygenation and performance in sport


Superior efficacy of COCO-Lycosome fortified Dark Chocolate over traditional chocolate has been demonstrated in three randomised, double blind, cross-over or bio-equivalency clinical trials on 50 persons.

Parameters assessed

  • Pharmacokinetics
  • Postprandial Oxidative Stress and Inflammation
  • Lipid, glucose and NO metabolism
  • Cardio-vascular response
  • Tissue oxygen saturation – microcirculation – hypoxia control


  •  Superior Metabolic and Vascular Control
  • Reduction of Inflammation and Oxidative Damage
  • Boost of Tissue Oxygen Saturation and Microcirculation

Cocoa Epicatechin concentration in blood serum after 1 hour of ingestion of dark chocolate (View Data)